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About QuickBrowse:
QuickBrowse web-development Framework

This template uses version: 3.5.0

QuickBrowse offers developers a streamlined workflow by utilising all aspects of web-development,
It uses PHP to construct a server-sided framework with Templates, CRUD one-liners and a URL-pipeline for handling your directories and URL decoding. It also has added a way to write backend code quickly by using Javascript and PHP components for handling Users, Mail, YouTube, Version-Control AND doOnline's "infrastructure" for handling bigdata or payments.

We and our friendly friends that work on projects like Bootstrap, Bootswatch, Animate.css and WOW.JS have combined an AssetsPack to get your basic needs while creating front-end. These included projects all are Licensed MIT just like QuickBrowse. QuickBrowse also includes its own Javascript & CSS which boosts even more while doing front-end design. You can find all CSS classes and Javascript functions at our documentation. Basically said... You could build a web-application template like a blog with users comments and maybe even a dashboard while you're at it from SCRATCH in like 5 Hours.

We ourselves use this web framework with all our client's websites, they are always positive and like the designs a lot (Even tho we dont use much raw HTML5 or CSS3). Did you know?.. that we frequently update our software? Because we sometimes want what we did custom for one Client's website in our QuickBrowse web-development Framework to use it on other projects. We also cut down assets and html because we sometimes find ourselves forgetting about them or finding problems when working with them. Our goal is to build a powerful, fast and quick-to-use framework that provides all web-developers needs. without being so big you cant even remember where some of the functionality comes from.

Thanks for reading about us, We'll see you soon enough right?
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